Product photographer in Quebec City

A product photographer knows how to beautifully shoot objects, in a commercial or artistic goal.

Product photography, one of the pillars of commercial photography, is usually divided into two categories : advertisement photography where quality and creativity are a must, and catalog shots or pack shots where quantity and speed are sought for. Patrick Mével offers both and an infinity of variations

Advertisement photography

La petite robe noire - Guerlain - photography by Patrick Mével - Product photographer in Quebec City Canada

If you represent an ad agency, a communication firm, or a company in need of pictures that will help you sell your products, you are looking for the best quality for a given budget and within a given time. Patrick, a specialized commercial photographer in Quebec City, has a long project management experience, mastered technique and tools, and will ensure a qualitative result, within budget and time.

Catalog photography – pack shots

Joe Fresh nail polish. Vernis à ongles Joe Fresh. Exemple de photo de catalogue sur fond blanc par Patrick Mével, photographe commercial à  Québec, photographe de produit. Patrick Mével, product photographer in Québec City, Canada.

Theses photographs are typically thought to be displayed in e-shops, or printed in brochures and catalogs. The background is usually uniform, mainly white, to allow graphic designers to lay them out as needed . Overall consistency across a large number of objects and time are critical. Patrick offers you all his know-how to deliver exactly that

Examples of product photography can be seen in the product portfolio.